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Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Dates Special E3 2016 Active Time Report

After placing the spotlight on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with today’s pre-E3 showcase, publisher Square Enix has confirmed plans to host an Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV on Monday, June 13. 

Set to be broadcast via Twitch and YouTube, the event will begin at 8pm PT early next week. That means it’ll likely overlap with Sony’s keynote presentation, which is pegged to begin at 7pm PT on Monday and typically spans for close to two hours. 

No further details were disclosed at the time of writing, though we fully expect new gameplay to take center stage. In related news, E3 2016 will also herald the release of the second episode of Brotherhood: FFXV

Will you be tuning in for the E3-centric Final Fantasy XV showcase on Monday, June 13 at 8pm PT?

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