Final Fantasy 16 pre-order numbers reportedly worrying Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order Numbers Reportedly Worrying Square Enix

Square Enix is “slightly panicking” over Final Fantasy 16 pre-order numbers, according to a new report by journalist and insider Imran Khan. The game’s pre-orders are reportedly tracking behind those of Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 16 pre-order numbers behind FF15 despite accounting for PS5 exclusive launch

In a Patreon post, Khan claims to have heard that Final Fantasy 16’s pre-orders are tracking behind its predecessor’s despite accounting for its PS5 exclusive launch. FF15 launched on multiple platforms whereas FF16 is PS5 console exclusive, confirmed thus far only to be launching on PC later down the line.

Square Enix has garnered somewhat of a reputation for being perpetually disappointed by game sales, but if Khan’s report is correct, it’s a rare instance of the publisher being concerned about a main entry from its tentpole franchise. That said, as Khan points out, pre-order numbers are only indicative of guaranteed launch-day sales, and it’s quite possible that the actual launch figures will meet expectations.

In a recent interview with Weekly Ochiai, producer Naoki Yoshida highlighted the importance of sales, stating that if a game’s positive reception doesn’t translate to sales “we won’t be able to create the next game.”

Final Fantasy 16 will release on June 22.