Harmonix Music VR Is a PlayStation VR Launch Title, E3 Trailer Reveals The Dance

Harmonix announced today that Harmonix Music VR will be released alongside PlayStation VR in October 2016.

Launching exclusively for PlayStation VR, Harmonix Music VR features 17 songs, including music from Amplitude, 2014’s A City Sleeps, and an entire album crafted by Harmonix. It also works with your entire music collection: “Simply plug in a USB drive in your PlayStation 4 loaded with your favorite tracks to experience your music in virtual reality!”

You’ll be able to listen to your music across four different worlds: The Beach (a transforming alien beach), The Easel (create 3D drawings), the newly announced The Dance, and one more. As you can see in the new trailer, The Dance lets you choreograph moves for characters, use a variety of toys at the DJ booth, and wreak havoc in Giant Mode.

Expect more details on Harmonix Music VR in the coming months.

[Source: PS Blog, Harmonix]