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New Mafia III Trailer Explains Its Criminal Ecology, Dev Wants to Show a Violent Time Period

Hangar 13 has released a new trailer for its upcoming adventure, Mafia III, highlighting the game’s criminal ecology. Executive Producer Denby Grace explains that each criminal racket in the game is made up of different objectives. All open-world activities in the game are linked to a larger narrative and players can choose which activities to complete in order to deal enough damage to a particular racket. Each racket also has its own boss. 

Check out the 2-min video above for more info.

In other Mafia III news, studio head Haden Blackman has said that the developer wanted to tackle a violent time period marked by one of the most destructive wars, high-profile assassinations, riots, and conflicts. In an interview with IGN, Blackman revealed that the game will also touch upon race issues such as the impact of Lincoln being an African-American living in Southern United States during that era.

There are places where if Lincoln looks out of place and seems out of place, people will react to that. There are places you can go that just being there is an offence and will elicit a police response. We aren’t so naive to think that a single game could cure racism, but if we can get the player to think, ‘Why am I being treated differently here than in other parts of town?’ then I think we’ve done something worthwhile.

Mafia III is scheduled for release on October 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’ll also appear at E3 2016, a teaser for which you can check out below.