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E3 2016 – Clementine Returns in First Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 3 (Update)

Update: Telltale has now followed up on today’s reveal with the official press release for 2016’s The Walking Dead, outlining Clementine’s plight as so: 

When it comes to Clementine, players’ relationships with her have very much evolved over the course of Seasons One and Two. In Season One, it was all about playing a more paternal role and helping a little girl find her feet and the courage to survive in a world gone to hell. Season Two was about Clementine developing her skills and becoming more independent of the people around her. In this next season, she’s in her early teens, and has grown to be a person who is clearly capable of handling herself – someone very much on the same level as Javier, a fellow survivor who has been through hell, and has managed to remain alive as long as Clem.

Clem has also been through a lot since we left her at the end of Season Two… and depending on the paths players may have taken with her in the past, she may or may not be exactly the same person we knew back then. You’ll play as both Javier and Clementine through the course of the season, but exactly how that works is one of the exciting details we’re not quite yet ready to reveal.

Original story: As promised, developer Telltale Games has lifted the lid on the new season of The Walking Dead

Welcoming the return of a Clementine now in the thick of her teenage years, the teaser trailer arrives by way of IGN, where Telltale’s Job Stauffer and Laura Perusco confirmed that the upcoming batch of episodes will feature a second playable lead alongside Clementine. 

That’s Javier, the character spotted in the snippet above, with Stauffer teasing that the pair “have a lot of common goals, if not a lot of common enemies. [Javier] has been through a lot and he is central to this story. He is absolutely important to what’s going on.”

Interestingly, Telltale didn’t officially title the trailer with The Walking Dead season 3 — and that seems to be a conscious decision. In closing, Perusco noted that the upcoming season “is very much a new story as much as it is a continuation.”

The Walking Dead season 3 is slated to arrive later in 2016. First for Telltale Games is its upcoming take on the Caped Crusader, and you can get your first peek at Batman: The Telltale Game Series here

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