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E3 2016 – Spider-Man PS4 Could Usher in New Era of AAA Superhero Games at Marvel

Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 could herald the beginning of a new wave of AAA superhero games at Marvel.

That’s according to Jay Ong, Vice President of the studio’s gaming division, who made the bullish prediction in an interview with Polygon.

Reflecting on the early buzz surrounding Insomniac’s licensed game, Ong posited, “is [Spider-Man] a signal of things to come? Oh, yes. Absolutely. And we can’t wait to tell the world about it.”

It now joins Telltale’s episodic series in development at Marvel Games, and considering the publisher also holds partnerships with both Sony Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ TT Games for the LEGO titles, the company’s gaming division is certainly ramping up production. 

For Ong, though, the goal will always be to create “truly epic games.”

“When I joined Marvel two years ago, I came in with a mandate to usher in a new era for Marvel Games. We have a treasure trove of the best superhero characters on earth. What can we do with this to create truly epic games? Building these franchises, and building these characters [at Marvel Games], this is that first big milestone from this team. This is a huge, ambitious project.”

Insomniac’s spin on Spider-Man is in development for PlayStation 4 and has been for “quite some time,” apparently. 

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