Homefront: The Revolution Update 1.05 Today on PS4 Fixes Hearts & Minds, Home of the Brave

Previously released on PC, and still in testing on Xbox One, Homefront: The Revolution update 1.05 is now available on PlayStation 4.

Focusing on restoring Hearts & Minds progression in Ashgate and fixing the Home of the Brave Trophy from not unlocking, here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s Homefront update:

  • Fix for players Hearts & Minds progress not progressing correctly in Ashgate.
  • Fix for ‘Home of the Brave’ achievement / trophy not being achievable.
  • Further reduction in the number of checkpoints saves that occur whilst playing
  • Some players who encountered issues with audio relating to the smartphone should now see it working as intended

However, for the Hearts & Minds progression, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios discovered that any player who had already hacked the transceiver in Ashgate wouldn’t see the icons that are revealed on the map. The good news is that this “doesn’t have any knock on effects, and simply re-discovering them by moving around will make them reappear.”

They say this minor issue will be fixed in the next patch.

Further in the future, Deep Silver will release paid single-player expansions for Homefront.

[Source: Homefront-Game]