Sony’s Alternate DualShock 4 Design Refiled, Features Rear Buttons & Modular Design

Ever since Microsoft came up with the premium Xbox One Elite controller, we’ve been wondering if Sony would follow suit, with a possible revamping of the DualShock 4 pad with modular options, additional buttons and higher quality materials. Oh, and also perhaps a bigger battery, as we’ve been wanting that for a while now!

Well it seems that Sony has indeed been thinking about the evolution of the DS4, as confirmed by these documents published by the Federal Communications Commission. Do note that the included designs are the exact same as those seen in August 2014, however the recent submission date suggests that these plans have been refiled. Perhaps Sony is looking to use this design soon, maybe with the PlayStation 4, or possibly with the PlayStation Neo. 

Seen below, the potential DS4 upgrade features two new buttons, different locations for the Share and Start buttons, and swappable face buttons and thumbsticks. 

New DualShock 4 02

Of course, we can only speculate as to why Sony has resubmitted the documents, and there’s a chance the design will never be used. If you’re holding out for a new pad, and want some additional customization and functionality, we’d suggest checking out the Scuf Infinity 4PS. Here’s the full review, which comes in both video and written flavors. 

What do you think of this “DualShock 4 Elite” design? 

[Source: Game’N’Motion & NeoGaf via Twinfinite, Push Square & DualShockers]