Sony Santa Monica Offers up a God of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Going in-depth with the God of War gameplay video shown off at E3 2016, Gameplay Engineering Lead Jeet Shroff and Combat Designer Mihir Sheth offer up a walkthrough of the footage.

Here’s some of the things they talk about in the video:

  • “This is God of War re-imagined. What we’ve done is we’ve taken a look at the gameplay, the camera, and the characters, and we’ve re-imagined it in a way to kind of bring it up to the modern era.”
  • Kratos is now “a lot older.”
  • “The game itself is really a journey of adventure as Kratos and the son sort of explore the Norse landscape.”
  • The new camera gives Sony Santa Monica “more avenues for an intimate and more personalized storytelling.”
  • Kratos is trying to hide his past and his rage from his son, “but it still lurks within him. So throughout the game he’ll be trying to manage this rage but bring it out when needed – when they’re in danger or need to take down a crazy big foe.”
  • The first enemy (2:55) is the Draugr, the common grunt enemy type in God of War.
  • The aim mode camera lets you throw the axe, leaving you to engage in bare-handed combat. The axe can also be recalled at any time by pressing a button.
  • “The troll is one of the larger characters in our realm.”
  • “We want our combat to feel a lot more visceral and up-close and intense.”
  • “Kratos is going to have a wide arsenal of really cool attacks. We’re only showing a few in this demo (4:40). You’re able to see him slam the ground and frost enemies in the area around him, as well as recall the axe out of the air and slam it down.”
  • “We never want the player to look away,” so, as shown in the demo, there’s no camera cuts.
  • “Through these sort of gameplay teaching moments (6:20), the son will level up, so to speak, and that’s where he’s learning these new abilities.”

They finish up by saying, “We have so much more to show in the future.”

[Source: PlayStation Europe (YouTube)]