Next Final Fantasy XIV Expansion to Be Unveiled in October

October’s fan festival will herald news of the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV

That’s according to Square Enix Producer Naoki Yoshida, who outlined the upcoming content plans for the studio’s popular MMORPG in an interview with Game Watch (via Siliconera). 

With the fan event set to take place in Las Vegas, Yoshida-san told fans to expect “big changes starting with Patch 3.5. Similar to what we had in Patch 2.5 and 2.55, which I believe was a big pivot.”

Now that the Dragonsong War has all but wrapped, it seems Ishgard will still feature prominently in the 2016 add-on. Said Yoshida: “If anything, I believe they [Ishgard] will be more involved with the Warrior of Light and the Scions, who helped end the war.”

“Since there’d be spoilers, I can’t say anything about the story, but we’ll see more on it during Fan Festival announcements, and in a way through the main story.”

Stay tuned for more information relating to Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest expansion as we get it. 

[Source: Game Watch via Siliconera]