David Cage Narrates Play-By-Play Breakdown of Detroit: Become Human E3 Demo

Sandwiched in between Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil VII, Detroit: Become Human was among the PS4 exclusives showcased during Sony’s E3 presser, when Quantic Dream unveiled our first look at the sci-fi title in motion.

Fast forward to now and the studio has offered a more thorough breakdown of that gameplay demo in question, narrated by writer-director David Cage. 

Describing Detroit: Become Human as a “neo-noir thriller” set in the near-future, Quantic’s new IP takes place in a version of the Motor City where “technology has allowed the creation of androids that look, speak and move just like humans — and they have replaced humans in most of their jobs.”

It’s this co-existence that will seed much of the tension between human and synthetic, and in the video above Cage delves into the ways in which this affects the course of the story and, in particular, the android protagonist Connor. 

In development for PS4, Detroit: Become Human is currently without a release date. 

[Source: PS Blog]