Sony Likens VR Experience to a Theme Park Ride, “Short” But “Intense”

During an investor meeting this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment President, Andrew House, said that VR is more about “short” and “intense” content than it is about long-form experiences. In response to a question about players potentially feeling nauseous when using VR devices for a prolonged period, House likened the experience to a theme park ride.

I’ve been very vocal that I tend to believe this generation of VR lends itself more to short-form content, than perhaps it does to long-form experiences. I don’t see that as a deficit or a negative.

I tend to liken the VR experience more to something like a theme park ride, in that it’s short, but it’s very intense and it’s very enjoyable.

The big positive I do see for VR is that unlike conventional game experiences – which tend to be similar to blockbusters in terms of production values and complex game mechanics- they can offer simple mechanics and experiences that are still very, very enjoyable because they can give users something they’ve never done before. That, I think, is where its true potential lies.

Sony’s own device, the PlayStation VR, releases on October 13 in North America and Europe. 

What do our readers think of House’s remarks?

[Source: Gamasutra]