Destiny Year Two Moments of Triumph Start Now

The 7th day of the 7th month (July 7, if you’re playing at home) marks Bungie Day (no, really, it’s a thing), and on this fine Bungie Day they are kicking off the Year Two Moments of Triumph in Destiny: The Taken King

Players have from now until September 20, 2016 at 10:00 PDT to fill up their Moments of Triumph in-game record books. These books can be picked up from the Postmaster and can be recovered at the Eververse Trading Co. if the player discards the book. Discarding a book does not cancel any progress made toward the Moments of Triumph records. Any character can earn toward the records, but if one character receives the book, the player should log in each character. That way, if a character is deleted, the progress that character has made toward the achievements will not be lost. 

The following are the Moments of Triumph for Year Two:

  • A Blade Reborn: Complete any of the Exotic sword quests from Shaxx
  • Eris Morn’s Revenge: Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments
  • The Sword Logic: Defeat Oryx in the King’s Fall Raid on Hard difficulty
  • Return to the Reef: Complete the April quests “At The Gates” and “Return to the Prison”
  • The Play’s The Thing: Complete the Taken King main questline, culminating in “Regicide.”
  • Challenge of the Elders: Complete an Elder’s Sigil scorecard in the Prison of the Elders.
  • This is Amazing: Complete the Crucible questline culminating in “The Mountaintop.”
  • The Third Element: Equip a fully leveled Year Two subclass on any character.

After completing each challenge, players will gain ranks in the record book. At Rank 2, players will unlock rewards for each rank until the book is filled at Rank 5.

Here are the rewards for these ranks:

  • Rank 2: Caelestis Shader
  • Rank 3: Shield of the Traveler Emblem
  • Rank 4: Dawncaller Shader
  • Rank 5: Hear the Call Emblem

Once the book is complete, players will then receive access to purchase a commemorative T-shirt from the Bungie store, but only if their PSN or Xbox Live IDs are connected to their Bungie accounts.


For more information on the Year Two Moments of Triumph for Destiny: The Taken King, check out Bungie’s help page.