No Man’s Sky Voted as the Most Anticipated Game of 2016 on Amazon UK

In an E3 2016 poll on Amazon UK where they asked customers to vote on their most anticipated game of 2016 for a chance to win a gaming bundle, No Man’s Sky for PlayStation 4 and PC came out on top, ahead of Battlefield 1 and Mafia III.

While we don’t know how many votes each game received, Amazon says the poll attracted thousands:

We asked Amazon customers to vote for their most anticipated games of the year and you voted in your thousands. We’ve heard the passion and the dedication to gaming in your comments and have assembled the official, Amazon customers’ top ten most anticipated games of 2016.

However, as you can see from the top 10 list below, not all of the titles that received votes are actually releasing in 2016:

  1. No Man’s Sky – August 9
  2. Battlefield 1 – October 21
  3. Mafia III – October 7
  4. FIFA 17 – September 27
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – TBA 2017
  6. Ghost Recon Wildlands – March 7, 2017
  7. Final Fantasy XV – September 30
  8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – November 4
  9. Watch Dogs 2 – November 15
  10. Mass Effect Andromeda – TBA 2017

With just over a month to go until No Man’s Sky releases – meaning it should be nearing completion and going gold very soon – Sean Murray went on the official Twitter account on July 4 and said, “Things are happening.” He followed this up on July 5 by saying, “THINGS ARE HAPPENING!”

Is No Man’s Sky your most anticipated game for the rest of 2016?

[Source: Amazon UK, No Man’s Sky (Twitter 1, 2) via VG247]