Adam Boyes Leaves PlayStation to Work on Games

Adam Boyes, VP of Third Party Relations at PlayStation, announced yesterday that he’s leaving the company to return to games development.

On Twitter, Boyes thanked all of the PlayStation fans and assured everyone that the developing and publishing communities are in great hands:

After an incredible journey here at PlayStation, I’ve made the very hard decision to return to the world of game development!

The past 4+ years have been an absolutely amazing experience! I’d like to start out by thanking the incredible PlayStation Nation fans! Lots of thanks to throw out over the coming week as I wrap things up to head out on my new adventure… stay tuned!

The best news is that we have an incredible team here so the development & publishing community & gamers are in GREAT hands!

Asked where he’s going, Boyes said he’s “going to make games again on the independent side.”

He also tweeted out the above picture with Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House, writing, “Thanks for your leadership & infinite support!”

Boyes received numerous messages from people all around the industry, including one from Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox:

Sitting at 15.8 million views, here’s a look back at Boyes showing how used games work on PS4:

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