Furi Update Next Week Will Address Loud PS4 Fans, Screen-Tearing, R2 Bug

Released earlier this month on PlayStation 4 as a PlayStation Plus free game to the nearly 21 million subscribers, Furi is set to receive a new patch next week that fixes some of the reported issues.

According to developer The Game Bakers, next week’s Furi update will address screen-tearing, PS4 fans being loud, and the R2 detection:

You can also expect it to include a variety of bug fixes.

While a full rebind option for Furi would be a big feature for the time The Game Bakers has, next week’s patch will allow you to use R1 and R2 for charged shots. In the meantime, if you’re experiencing the R2 bug, here’s a workaround: “try another controller or remap to R1 in Settings > Accessibility menu.”

When asked about DLC for Furi, or a possible sequel, The Game Bakers replied, “Nothing planned yet!”

If you need some help with Furi, check out the above game walkthrough from The Game Bakers, which contains full spoilers for the story.

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