There Are Nearly 21 Million PlayStation Plus Subscribers, Sony Reveals

In their latest investor relations report today, Sony revealed that there are 20.8 million PlayStation Plus subscribers as of April 2016. Back in January 2015, there were 10.9 million subscribers.

Sony also mentioned that the PlayStation 4 has sold 40 million units, which is the “fastest penetration in PlayStation history.” Additionally, there are over 60 million monthly active PlayStation Network users and PSN sales last fiscal year (ended April 2016) were up 51% over the previous fiscal year.

Elsewhere, Sony pointed out how their investments for the future have included PlayStation Vue, PlayStation VR, and the partnership with Kojima Productions. They also want to expand the PlayStation VR “ecosystem to non-game business.”

Expect the July 2016 PlayStation Plus titles to be announced later today.

Are you one of the nearly 21 million PS+ subscribers? Are you surprised that roughly 19 million PS4 users don’t have PS+?

[Source: Sony via VideoGamer]