Furi Update Today Improves PS4 Overheating & Screen Tearing Issues, Fixes R2 Charge Shot

Revealed last week, a new Furi update is now available to download on PlayStation 4, developer The Game Bakers announced today.

Addressing issues with PS4 overheating, screen-tearing, charge shots not working, and more, here’s what you’ll find with the new update:

  • IMPROVED – Some players experience « overheating » and the fans getting loud on PS4
  • IMPROVED – Some players experience screen tearing
  • FIXED – Some players can’t charge a shoot with R2 with a PS4 controller
  • FIXED – The warning message when leaving for the main menu says all progress will be lost
  • FIXED – Sometimes The Burst sniper shots go through the walls / Walls don’t have collisions
  • FIXED – Sometimes The Burst gets stuck in phase 5
  • FIXED – In The Scale level, the water is sometimes clipping
  • FIXED – [PC only] The mouse mode is not properly saved (directional/reticule)
  • Minor bug fixes and polish

In the Known Issues section of their website, The Game Bakers says they’re working on fixing these problems: the camera going away in The Scale level, the main character getting stuck in the air during the last phase in The Song level, getting hit several times in a row by one attack of The Chain, and getting stuck on top of The Burst walls.

On their to do list, The Game Bakers says they’re looking at control remapping for players with disabilities.

When asked if there were any plans for a Speedrun mode in Furier, they replied, “Not at the moment, but if players keep asking for it we’ll think about it.”

If you haven’t grabbed Furi yet, it’s a free download for all PlayStation Plus members in North America and Europe until August 1. In our review, we said, “Furi is an action packed, violent game that does a great job of marrying two genres together.”

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