Hideo Kojima: “I’m Very Confident” Death Stranding Will Be My Best Work So Far


Earlier today at Develop Brighton, Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny took part in a keynote, where Kojima said Death Stranding will be his best work so far, thanks in part to his trip with Cerny, as reported by DigitalSpy:

So far, when I’ve been making games, I’ve had to give up on something or at least compromise on something in order to get things done… But this time, working with you [Mark Cerny] and you bringing the state of the art technologies, we will get around that.

I’m very confident that we’re working towards something completely new and that no one has ever seen so far. This will be my best work so far, I’m very confident about that.

As Andrew House revealed last month, Sony took Death Stranding’s secrecy very seriously, going so far as to not include the trailer during their E3 rehearsal. Now, in the most recent episode of HideoTube, Kojima said they kept Death Stranding extremely secret, telling no more than five people at Sony about it.

“So every single year, there are leaks before E3, He said. “No matter how careful we are, in this era, something always makes its way to the internet.” After adding that at least half of their stuff has been leaked up until this year, he said, “As E3 was getting close, many other titles were getting leaked. We were nervous and could barely sleep.”

Taking measures even further at E3, Kojima didn’t tweet that he was going to the event, stayed at a hotel further away from E3 so he wouldn’t be noticed, declined photos with fans when he was noticed, and used a separate bathroom during rehearsal.

[Source: Develop Brighton (25:30), HideoTube via DigitalSpy, Kotaku]