10 Weird Vita Games Worth Playing

Video games are an amazing medium. It’s one that isn’t afraid of letting players experience new things, and doesn’t shy away from getting weird occasionally. In fact, I’ve been able to date the sweetest of boy pigeons (shout out to Ryouta), protect the Earth from giant alien insects, and even have babies in order to save the world. All of this is thanks to the weirdness of video games.

One platform that is filled with weird games is the PlayStation Vita. While its library might be lacking in quantity, it definitely makes up for it in terms of quality (at least in weirdness). So, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique than just shooting generic soldiers I’ve got the list for you. Here are 10 weird Vita games that are worth playing.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 10 weird Vita games that are worth playing. These aren’t the best games on the system, but they certainly are some of the most memorable ones. That said, the Vita has way more than 10 strange titles, so there are even more oddities if you look deeper into the system.

Let me know in the comments what weird Vita game you enjoy the most, and which one you think is the King Oddball, so to speak.

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