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Upcoming PS4 Games of 2016 Roundup

With the first half of 2016 already over, it’s time we look ahead at what PlayStation 4 games we’ll be playing for the rest of the year. While outlining every game in a list might be good enough for some, we’re taking it one step further and showcasing everything in one handy video.

Important to note that we’ve only included games that are confirmed to come out in calendar year 2016. We, of course, are listing the games and and their release dates based on the current info we have now. Some games might get pushed back, cancelled or some new ones might surprisingly be added; and if that happens, don’t blame us. But for the most part, barring any major changes from the big AAA holiday lineup, this video is as accurate as you can get.

Want to know what games will make your wallet dry? Hit play and check ’em out for yourself!

Don’t forget, we have a new video series that highlights each week’s PlayStation game releases, as well as our recommendations on which games to buy during the week’s PSN Store sale.

Did we miss any games? Which ones are you most excited for? 

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