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The Last Guardian is Still “In the Mix” at Sony Worldwide Studios

Here’s your monthly non-status update status update for The Last Guardian.


Ask PSLS: What Announcement Are You Hoping for in 2014?

Air your hopes and dreams inside.


Ueda: The Last Guardian Uses Mechanics From Shadow of the Colossus and ICO

Good choice.

the last guardian

Fumito Ueda is “Terribly Sorry” for The Last Guardian Delay, His Creative Work “Was Mostly Finished a Long Time Ago”

He even talks about doing a post-mortem someday.


Sony Japan Studio Head on The Last Guardian: “I Think it’s Moving Along in the Right Direction”

An update on The Last Guardian? Must be that time of the month.


Yes, The Last Guardian is Still in Development, But Puppeteer and Knack “Taking Priority Right Now” at Japan Studio

They’ve decided not to talk about whether it’s coming to PS4 or not.

PS3 Lifeline

Daily Reaction: When Will Sony Pull the Plug on the PS3?

Cerny, get the pillow.


Bad Gamers: Ep 34 – PS4 & Xbox One Showdown, Is This The Best E3 Ever?

Now with more Brit.