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Report: Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming Soon, DLC Being Planned

Demo is in production.


Square Enix: Final Fantasy XV Isn’t Content Complete yet, Still Room to Make Changes

“We also will not spoil big parts of FFXV.”


Final Fantasy XV Pre-Beta Version Complete, Moogles Confirmed

“I will think of a fun little way to feature Moogles.”


Square Enix Can’t Guarantee Moogles Will Be in Final Fantasy XV, Asks Your Opinion

“The main game is coming along nicely.”


Final Fantasy XV Rocks (lol)

A wise man once said, “Don’t get cocky. It’s gonna get rocky.”


Hajime Tabata Says Final Fantasy XV Team Working on Better English Translations

“Rest assured that we’re discussing these issues internally”


Square Enix: Next Final Fantasy Game Is Definite, Won’t Be a Sequel to Final Fantasy XV

Dengeki Q&A also talks about Ninja Gaiden, Kingdom Hearts 3, Level-5, Soul Sacrifice, and more.


Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XV’s Black-Haired Woman, Details Lunafreya’s Background

Fishing and Chocobo riding detailed as well.


Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer 2.0 & New Screenshots Revealed by Square Enix

Another new trailer looks at location scouting with the development team.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Was “Around 20 to 25 Percent” Done Before It Switched to FFXV

Tabata talks development shift.


Square Enix Unveils Five Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Driving Gameplay and a Screenshot of Caem

Get a recap of the Active Time Report if you missed it.


Final Fantasy XV Release Date Reconfirmed for 2016, Reveal Coming in March

Specific release date to be announced in March 2016.


Square Enix PAX Prime 2015 Lineup Revealed, Includes New Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report

The fun starts August 28.


Final Fantasy XV Devs “Almost Regretting” Underestimating the Importance of gamescom

Final Fantasy XV budget is nowhere close to Destiny’s or GTA V’s.


Final Fantasy XV Will Release Worldwide Simultaneously, Director Confirms

This is the first standalone Final Fantasy game to do so.


Just Cause 3 Developers Helping Enhance Aerial Tech in Final Fantasy XV

“My personal goal is to implement airships that can fly around in full-scale.”


Tabata Talks Luna in Final Fantasy XV, Says the RPG Will Only Have English, Japanese Voice Support

“She’s a much stronger, more determined character.”


Final Fantasy XV Release Window Set for 2016, According to Game Director

It’s coming after 2015 and before 2017.


Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer Takes You Back 15 Years

Learn all about the story from Square Enix.


Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer Teased, Full Unveiling Tonight

Should be a busy week for the game.