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Final Fantasy XV to Take Place on One Giant Landmass, Will Feature Dungeons

Awesome stuff.


Game Director Talks Final Fantasy Type-0 HD & Final Fantasy XV

Type-0 HD has been in development for a little over a year, FFXV will be ‘hard’ to complete within 40 hours, and more.


Final Fantasy XV Demo Won’t Allow Players to Drive

Explore the game world, instead.


Final Fantasy XV Demo Discussed by Game Director, Could Include Content Not Featured in Final Game

Tabata isn’t sure if magic will be in the demo.


17 New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show Gameplay and Cinema

Some eye candy.


Meet Cindy, See Towns in Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa Trailer

Cindy might be the Cid of Final Fantasy XV.


Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer Re-Released With English Voices

Hear the English voice actors.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed by Square Enix

The only way to get the Final Fantasy XV demo is through Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.


Final Fantasy XV Demo May be Limited Time-Only

Walkthrough video features 10 minutes of gameplay.


Watch Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough and Tech Demo in 1080p

They look beautiful!


Final Fantasy XV Release Year “Roughly Decided,” Says Game Director

Tabata says it might be a little later than you’re hoping for.


No Pre-Release Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Demo Coming, Says Game Director

There’s going to be some secret extra costumes in the full game though.


Character Switching Isn’t in Final Fantasy XV Because of the Battle System (Update)

Game Director talks combat, E3 2013 trailer, and more.


New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show Characters, Cars, Combat

New images of the next main-series Fantasy.


Final Fantasy XV Director Wants to “Make it More Casual”

Hajime Tabata talks the reason behind the demo in Type-0 HD and how combat is simplified.


Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video From TGS 2014 Features a Full Battle

Watch out for frogs.


Final Fantasy XV is “About 50 to 60%” Completed, Says Game Director

His development on the game started two years ago.


Square Enix Backtracks on Final Fantasy XV Demo Release Date

“The release date of the Final Fantasy XV Demo has not been confirmed.”


Behind Closed Doors, Tabata Talks Final Fantasy XV, Type-0 HD at TGS

Secret meeting, single light bulb, dimly lit room, cigars.


Final Fantasy XV Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Tetsuya Nomura Replaced as Game Director

He’s now focused on Kingdom Hearts III.