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Final Fantasy XV Featurette Part 1 Shows Us the Long Road to Developing the RPG

Titled “10 Years in the Making.”


Final Fantasy XV Director Claims “Final Fantasy Disease” Affected Square Enix

Early in development Hajime Tabata told the team: “We’re not special. Wake up.”


10,000 More Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Editions Will Be Available on May 23

You might get an email or have to buy one from the Square Enix Store.


Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows Us the Gorgeous Environments

It’s really a world of wonders!


New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video Showcases High Level Combat

Watch Noctis strut his stuff.

Going Broke 555x328

Going Broke: 15 Upcoming JRPGs to Play

That thing crying in the distance is my wallet, not me.


Square Enix Is Making More Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Editions

But they may not be available in time for launch on September 30.

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Here’s a Closer Look at Final Fantasy XV Digital Pre-Order Bonuses

Some of the items are available in other editions as well.


Final Fantasy XV “Is the Biggest Final Fantasy Production Ever Made,” Says Square Enix

Pre-orders were in a good place even before Uncovered.


Final Fantasy XV’s Flying Car Set to Be Fully Controllable, Square Confirms

Just don’t expect to get behind the wheel early on.


Final Fantasy XV DLC Will “Ensure That Players Continue to Play”

It won’t be basic DLC.


Final Fantasy XV Combat Improved Since Demo, New Details Emerge

New Game Plus mode recently confirmed as well.


How Final Fantasy XV Seeks to Change Square Enix’s Reputation

A changing corporate culture.

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Square Enix Settled on Final Fantasy XV Release Date Back in 2013

A realistic release date became top priority for Hajime Tabata upon taking charge.

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition Going for Three Times Face Value on eBay, Square Responds

Scalpers selling premium bundle for up to three times more than face value.


Final Fantasy XV Game Director Talks Troubled Development, Challenging HD Era

“Everyone needed to face the reality that Final Fantasy hasn’t been succeeding.”

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Movie Announced, Star-Studded Cast & Teaser Trailer Revealed

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV’s Actors Won’t Appear in the Main Game

Each Brotherhod episode will be around 10 – 15 minutes.


The Final Fantasy XV Universe Keeps the Game From Being Released in Multiple Parts

Brotherhood and the recent demo tie-in together.


To Be Successful, Final Fantasy XV Has to Sell 10 Million Copies (Update)

Square Enix will look at a PC version after the PS4 and Xbox One release.