Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Prologue has a Release Window

Today, Square Enix released a second trailer for its upcoming anime short film, Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Prologue. This is the “Story Trailer,” meaning it gives fans more insight as to just what the heck is going on with the short. The trailer even features subtitles, so English-speaking fans are covered as well. In addition to the peek at the story, Square Enix also provided a release window at the end of the trailer. So now we know that Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Prologue will be released in February 2019.

The story is set well before the events of Final Fantasy XV, when villain Ardyn was a king. He seems to take the throne during a difficult time, and the trailer quickly introduces a nasty sickness referred to as the “Scourge of the Stars.” Ardyn appears to put himself at the forefront of the issue to great personal sacrifice, which of course ultimately leads to his downfall. What happens between that, of course, will be addressed in the short film. After that, fans will have the actual Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn DLC episode to look forward too, which has a release window of March 2019.

Unfortunately, this short film and DLC were originally meant to kick the door open on another year of Final Fantasy XV content, but that is sadly no longer the case. Director Hajime Tabata left Square Enix in October, and has since formed his own company. That company, JP Games, has since launched and announced work on a new project.

[Source: Gematsu]