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Persona 5 & Yakuza 0 Are Staying Exclusive to PlayStation, Atlus Clarifies

No Switch or PC versions.


Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer Introduces Three New Confidants

Shogi player, teacher and politician!

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Sega’s Latest Annual Report Reveals Persona & Sonic Franchise Sales

Plus details on Yakuza, and more!


Persona 5 PS3 and PS4 Digital Pre-Orders Now Live, Bonuses Revealed

EU gets free theme and avatar set for 24 hours.


Persona 5 PS3 Version Won’t Be Cancelled, Atlus Assures

New trailers introduce Makoto and Yusuke.


Persona 5 Release Date Delayed to April 4, 2017

Free PS4 theme is available for 24 hours only.

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First Persona 5 English Gameplay Will Be Livestreamed Next Wednesday

Tune in to Twitch on November 16!

Persona 5 Morgana

Persona 5’s Morgana Trailer Details the Feline Mascot

One could say she’s a meowscot.


Persona 5 English Voice Cast Detailed, New Video Introduces the Protagonist

Super Smash Bros announcer voices the protagonist.

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Persona 5 Ships Over 550,000 Copies, Atlus Celebrates With Free DLC

Now we wait until February 2017…

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Persona 5 Limited Edition Steelbook Design Revealed, Features Incredibly Stylish Full Cover Artwork

Gaming, with style!

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TGS 2016 – Persona 5 PS4 Bundle Launching in Japan

PS4 Slim and Persona 5.


Persona 5 Takes to Cafes for Short Gameplay Videos

Working at one, casually eating at another.


Persona 5 Releases on February 14, 2017 in Europe for PS4 & PS3

Premium Edition available for PS4.


It’s Time for JRPGs to Evolve

It’s time to change.

Persona 5 Premium Event

Check Out 18 Minutes of Persona 5 Gameplay Right Here

Premium Event happening early tomorrow.


Persona 5 Confirmed for Europe as Atlus and SEGA Partner With Deep Silver

Deep Silver will be bringing more Atlus and SEGA titles to Europe in the future.


E3 2016 – Persona 5 Off-Screen Gameplay, Trailer

Get ready!


Persona 5 E3 Live Stream Scheduled

Who the hell is up at 8:00 in the morning?