PlayStation Games Like Minecraft

10 Games Like Minecraft on PlayStation You Need to Play

Minecraft became a huge hit on PC since there was really nothing else like it. It was a sandbox that rewarded player creativity, and its survival mode challenged players. Throw in great multiplayer, and you have all the makings for a sensation. Thankfully, Mojang’s hit game is available on all current PlayStation consoles, but there’s plenty of other great games that scratch that same itch.

In fact, some of these games have arguably been able to top Minecraft in certain aspects. Some titles focus on creating a difficult survival game, while others are all about being able to build to your heart’s content. To help you figure out what alternatives there are, I’ve put together a list of 10 PlayStation games like Minecraft.

We hope you enjoyed my look at 10 games like Minecraft on PlayStation platforms that you need to play! While it’s not likely that Microsoft will make its series exclusive to Xbox in the future (there’s way too much money to be lost there), PlayStation gamers won’t need to worry. As there’s so many alternatives on the system, that there will always be great ways to build your own creations and craft items for survival!

Let me know in the comments what games like Minecraft you’ve enjoyed, and if you feel like any have been able to outdo Mojang’s hugely popular franchise!

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