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New Mafia III Trailer Released, Features Protagonist Lincoln Clay

July 19, 2016Written by Keri Honea

Developer Hangar 13 along with 2K has released a new Mafia III trailer featuring the game’s protagonist, Lincoln Clay.

Clay has been depicted as a bit of an anti-hero, one who does horrible, terrible things and yet we continue to root for like the monsters we all are. After returning home from the Vietnam War, he finds that his black mob family has been massacred in New Bordeaux by the Italian Mafia, led by Sal Marcano. Clay isn’t going to let this simply ride out, so he bands together smaller gangs of New Bordeaux to rise up against the Marcano mob. How Clay wreaks havoc across the city and takes down Marcano’s assets as well as men is in the player’s hands. It’s also up to the player how the city is carved up between his allying gangs, which will affect the overall story in addition to how his allies will treat him.

Mafia III will release on October 7, 2016. Check out our preview from E3 here.