Prey for the Gods Confirmed for PS4 & Xbox One, Is Already Playable Internally

July 22, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

When the Prey for the Gods Kickstarter campaign launched earlier this month, developer No Matter Studios was asking for $300,000 to make the project a reality on PC, and $600,000 to bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In a new update though, No Matter has revealed that the console versions are coming when they reach $300,000:

Prey for the Gods is running and playable on PS4 and Xbox One. We figured this was going to be incredibly difficult to pull off. Initially, we put that stretch goal at $600K so we could hire people to offload Tim’s work allowing him to focus on consoles.

However, we had to respond to the outcry from fans as people were pledging substantial amounts, without even a working computer, just for the chance that we’d hit a stretch goal. So we took it upon ourselves last week to shift our priorities and focus on getting the game to run on consoles. We were surprised and incredibly excited by the results. Within days, we had them playable and running @30fps, un-optimized! At that time, we knew we needed to take another look at our stretch goals. We also took this time to be a little more explicit with how we intend to use the funds. Namely, showing that we wish to hire an in-house animator and in-house world builder. We were also able to squeeze in Mac/Steam!! HURRAY!

Despite being confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, Prey for the Gods won’t hit consoles until after the PC launch, which is scheduled for December 2017.

Prey for the Gods needs just $25,000 more in the next 14 days on Kickstarter to be fully funded. Past the $300,000, the stretch goals include expanded environments, sixth, seventh, and eighth bosses, and Survivor Mode.

Answering some questions about Prey for the Gods, No Matter Studios said you can find gear to make you stronger:

No talent or skill point system. Your character won’t level up. You will need to explore and find gear that can help you with resistances and some minor tweaks to your abilities but it won’t be delivered as a +5 STR. You’ll feel and notice the results in gameplay. An easy way to think about it is Legend of Zelda. Link starts with a green tunic, but can find a blue tunic, or later discover a red tunic. You can choose to be total bad ass and play through with only the green tunic and wood sword, or get the blue ring, and find the white sword, or be really safe and get the red ring and master sword. It’s really up to you which is a refreshing way to play.

No Matter previously said Prey for the Gods is around four to eight hours long, but in a new comment, they said it could stretch as high as 20 hours:

We’ve been quoted saying 4-8 hours but really it’s tough to nail down a game that is non-linear with survival action, and dynamic weather etc. The game could be 4 hours or 20 hours we just won’t know until we’re closer to launch. That being said I too don’t have a lot of time. Journey was a game that really made me rethink what a game needs to be.

They also said the protagonist is silent and there won’t be any other voiced characters.

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