Song of the Deep Update 1.02 Is Live on PS4 & PC, Fixes Stuttering and Other Issues

Developer Insomniac Games announced today that Song of the Deep update 1.02 is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, with an Xbox One version of the patch still in testing.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for the PS4 version of the update, which also includes additional fixes from what Insomniac dubs patch 2.5:

Update 2.5 Fixes

  • Fix to statue puzzle doors locking players in some areas
  • Fix to display Icepedo help message
  • Make Bone Vaults Red Reaper chase easier by decreasing their grab radius
  • Fix to The Architect issue where player could get stuck away from their sub
  • Various additional fixes to mirrors getting out of alignment in Deeplight

Update 2 Fixes


  • Fixed rendering issue that resulted in what appears to be stuttering/hitches


  • Fixed issue where tether mines become invisible when exploding as the player dies
  • Various Fomori Architect boss fixes
  • Fixed issue where various claw switches were not opening doors
  • Fixed issue where one of the triggered doors in Deeplight closes again after getting the Sonar
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck in the pathway leading up to the Resonance Orb
  • Fixed issue where totem heads could become stuck in collision or lost
  • Fixed issue where specific doors would appear to be destroyed, but players still couldn’t pass
  • Fixed issue in Deeplight where some player’s mirror would not align properly
  • Re-tuned Red Reapers in Bone Vaults to keep them from hitting the player unfairly
  • Improved tether mine behavior in puzzle sections

Available digitally through the PlayStation Store, and physically at GameStop/EB Games, Song of the Deep received a 7.5 from us and we said, “On the surface, everything about Merryn’s adventure is absolutely charming. The deeper you and Merryn go, the game loses its luster, but it’s still worth undertaking the journey if this style of adventure game sings to you. Just be aware it may not be a complete pleasure cruise.”

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