DriveClub VR Is a PlayStation VR Launch Title in Japan

DriveClub VR, which hasn’t been talked about much since Sony closed down developer Evolution Studios, will be available on October 13 in Japan as a PlayStation VR launch title.

In a now removed post on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed that DriveClub VR will include a cockpit view, 3D audio, a mode where you can view the cars from different angles, and new urban tracks. It’s priced at 4,900 yen and will be available through both retail and digital stores.

DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, who now works at Codemasters, said the new tracks are some of his favorites, but he isn’t sure if he can comment further on development:

On NeoGAF, Rustchynsky added, “The same development team who made DRIVECLUB, also made DRIVECLUB VR. Other Ocean did not contribute, nor did any other team, to its development.”

Sony has yet to confirm a Western release for DriveClub VR, and it remains to be seen who took over development after Evolution Studios closed down.

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