Someone Actually Paid $1,300 for an Early Copy of No Man’s Sky

Yesterday when Hello Games’ Sean Murray took to Twitter to request people to avoid No Man’s Sky videos and spoilers that were surfacing on the web, it seemed business as usual. It’s almost commonplace to have games leaking early nowadays, with certain people ruining the fun for the rest. But this particular buyer slightly took us by surprise. Why? He paid $1,300 to obtain a copy of the game early from eBay. That’s $1,300 for a $60 game. You do the math. 

User daymeeuhn proceeded to post several videos, which were later taken down. However, they’ve resurfaced elsewhere on the web. No, we’re not going to share them here but in case you’re wondering, here’s a spoiler-free video of him unboxing the game and popping it into his PlayStation 4 on Dailymotion. And here’s his proof of purchase:

no mans sky pop

Interestingly, he seemed skeptical himself of the purchase he made on eBay, which prompted people to wonder why he’d take such a risk, let alone pay that amount of money. He responded to all these questions on Reddit, basically stating that he’s financially sound enough to do it. But his perspective, in general, is a rather interesting read:

We all have things that make us who we are, and each of us have our own triggers of what’s “normal” or what’s “too much” or what’s “completely insane” etc, and it can be difficult to express that one person finds something normal when another finds it completely insane. The person seeing it as insane can’t even remotely fathom the logic behind the guy that sees it as normal, and I totally get that.

I’m a lucky guy. I’ve done well for myself. I have disposable income and I’m happy in life. I’m in a state of being where I don’t look at a purchase and determine the overall value by the price tag, but rather by how much happiness it will bring myself or the people I care about. I’m also very much in a weird state of mind half the time in that I’ve seen some shit, and I’ve dealt with loss, and I know all too well that too many of us take life for granted. I could die in a car accident tomorrow – who knows? If I did, all that money I had saved up didn’t do me a whole lot of good, did it?

There’s more to it, which you can read by following the Reddit link below.

We’re curious – if you were in his place, would you do the same?

[Source: Dailymotion, Imgur, Reddit]