No Man’s Sky Has Already Been Beaten, Leaker Details the Game’s Experience

No Man’s Sky is one of the biggest games to launch in 2016 and from the information we have on the game, it also seems to be the largest in scale. However, we’ve heard creative lead, Sean Murray, say over and over again that the game will most likely never get beaten due to the fact there is such a vast amount of galaxies and planets to explore.

But it seems like he spoke quite early, as a crazy fan bought the game for $1,300 on eBay last week and managed to already beat the game. The user took to Reddit where he detailed his experience in the game while explaining how he got to the center of the universe so quickly.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, I have done A LOT of what the game has to offer. I actually intentionally took time out of my warp jumping over the course of going to the middle to explore planets to break up the monotony of it. This does not mean I have done all of the major events, however – I am still yet to swim to the bottom of a big ocean. I am still yet to destroy a space station. I definitely still have stuff to do.

It seems like there is still plenty of more things to do in the game, but it does bring up some concerns for fans who weren’t completely sold on the $60 price tag. However, Daymeeuhn did state that it took him about 30 hours to reach the center and that was done by using an accelerated method.

no man's sky

This certain method involved finding Atlas Stones, an in-game item that sells for an exuberate amount if found. Daymeeuhn found a certain location that always had an Atlas Stone, this provided the necessary in-game currency to upgrade his ship. And on top of that, the location that had the Atlas Stone also had two free Warp Fuels, which let you travel to the next system. Daymeeuhn rinsed and repeated this process until he finally came across the center of the universe.

No Man’s Sky is designed to play as an open-ended explorer which has players questioning all the different Alien races, hundreds of different planets, and its secrets along the way. It’s safe to say that Daymeeuhn played it differently than intended which might not have been the best experience, however, it seems like there is still plenty of things for him to see and do.

No Man’s Sky is set to release next week on August 9 for PS4 and PC.

[Source: Eurogamer, Reddit]