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Increased Safety Measures Will Be Enforced at Gamescom 2016

With the recent  incidents in the past couple of weeks, gamescom has announced that the upcoming convention will increase its safety measures and rules.

These safety measures and rules will help the convention workers keep the place a little safer while letting their visitors feel a little more at ease. The rules ask goers to keep rucksacks and bags at home if not necessary and for cosplayers to keep imitation weapons at home.

As a trade fair organization and organizer of Gamescom, it is our duty to organize the framework conditions for the trade fair participants as efficiently as possible and to satisfy the needs of our guests. In the present days, the need for safety is a major issue for all parties involved. It is our aim to meet this requirement by adapting the safety measures and at the same time limiting Gamescom in all its facets as little as possible.

We hope for your understanding and for your support so that Gamescom can also be a successful 360-degree event in 2016 that is full of entertainment and a fantastic joint experience for all participants.

Gamescom 2016 is set to take place later this month on August 17- 21, giving gamers a good look at some of the most anticipated games of the year, including a brand new Battlefield 1 trailer.

Are you attending gamescom 2016?

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