Mass Effect: Andromeda a No Show at Gamescom 2016

EA and BioWare hardly showed anything about the highly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda at E3 2016, leading many to hope that they would have something at gamescom 2016 next week.

The answer to that is unfortunately a no. As WCCF Tech confirmed with Electronic Arts, Mass Effect Andromeda will not be at gamescom in Cologne, Germany in any shape or form. No hands-on gameplay. No presentation. No interview opportunities with developers.

Not attending gamescom is leading many to ask if EA and BioWare are going to be able to keep their estimated release window of Q1 2017. It’s certainly possible that this means nothing in regards to the developer’s release timeline. PAX West is just a few weeks later, for instance, and it’s always possible that BioWare doesn’t want to show much of anything until the game is closer to release.

While gamescom goes on next week, we’ll have to take solace in what we do know about the next installment in the Mass Effect series. Andromeda will run on DICE’s Frostbite engine and feature an open-world environment ripe for space exploration. The main character is named Ryder, and like Shepard, can be made as man or woman. Ryder’s ship is the Tempest, and Ryder’s mission is to explore the Andromeda galaxy on behalf of mankind.

Naturally, Ryder will develop a team of companions and can romance one of them. It wouldn’t be a BioWare game without such options.

As soon as we hear anything about Mass Effect Andromeda‘s attendance or lack thereof at PAX West, we will report that as well.

[Source: WCCF Tech]