PlayStation Original Series Powers Cancelled After Two Seasons

On Twitter, Powers Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis revealed that the PlayStation Original Series has been cancelled after two seasons:

Asked what the “for now” part of his tweet means, Bendis replied, “A Powers episode generated over 4.5 million hits on YouTube alone & people [behind the scenes] who believe in us. we’ll see…”

The first episode of Powers is sitting at 570,000 views on YouTube, while the first episode of season 2 is sitting at 4.68 million views.

You can read our reviews of every single episode over here.

As for the comic, Bendis confirmed that it will continue at Marvel, the next storyline is called Diamond Days, and they’ve already completed two issues.

What do you think of the Powers cancellation?

[Source: Brian Michael Bendis (Twitter 1, 2) via MCV]