Watch the First Episode of Powers: A PlayStation Original Series Right Here

While PlayStation Plus members receive access to the full season for free, Sony has released the first episode of their PlayStation Original Series, Powers, which is available for everyone to view in its entirety above.

If you’re unfamiliar with Powers, here’s the brief description:

When a famous superhero turns up dead, it’s up to Detective Christian Walker, a former Power himself, and his new partner, Detective Deena Pilgrim, to track down the one witness to what happened that night – a young girl by the name of Calista.

For those of you who do have PlayStation Plus, the first three episodes of the season go live today in the United States (Europe, Canada, and other regions are getting Powers later this year). Then, a new episode will be released every Tuesday until the 10-episode season is complete.

What do you think of Powers so far? Will you be watching the whole season?

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube), Powers Website]