Hello Games Lists What No Man’s Sky Is, and What It Isn’t

With less than a day to go until No Man’s Sky launches for PlayStation 4 in North America, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray explained exactly what the game is.

Saying “lots of little details have changed (so many, SO MANY, for the better!)” since he first envisioned No Man’s Sky and started to write the first lines of code five years ago, Murray adds that “the game looks and plays just as we aimed to.”

Calling it “an infinite procedural sci-fi-space-survival-sandbox unlike anything you have ever played before,” Murray listed what No Man’s Sky definitely is:

  • Exploring a universe of pretty procedurally generated worlds, with beautiful creatures
  • Trading with NPCs
  • Combat against robots/mechs and cool space battles
  • Survival/crafting in a universe sized sandbox
  • An awesome procedural soundtrack from my genuine favourite band
  • For one small moment, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a sci-fi book cover

“If you decide to play it, you’ll see just how closely it plays to those trailers, and to our original vision,” he added. “It’s a weird game, it’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.” Murray also knows that No Man’s Sky might not be for everyone, and he expects it to be “super divisive.”

As for what No Man’s Sky isn’t, Murray wrote on Twitter:

To be super clear – No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don’t go in looking for that experience. The chances of two players ever crossing paths in a universe this large is pretty much zero. We do have some online features and easter eggs so people can know they are playing in the same universe. It’s about cool “moments”.

He added:

Although No Man’s Sky doesn’t include PvP multiplayer, city building, civilization building, or the ability to pilot freighters at launch, Murray added, “Over time it might become some of those things through updates.”

As previously announced, the next update will add the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters.

You can see how No Man’s Sky looked after a few weeks and months of development in the gallery below, and in the top image.

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