No Man’s Sky Update 1.03 & PS4 Pre-Load Are Live

Detailed yesterday by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky update 1.03 is now available to download on PlayStation 4, weighing in at 824MB.

If you’re getting a digital copy of No Man’s Sky through the PlayStation Store, the pre-load is also live. According to reports, it’s a 4.22GB download for the entire file, with 3.68GB downloading initially. Adding in the update, you’re looking at roughly a 5GB download.

Today’s update “is the first of many,” and will require early players to delete their save game files to use it.

“If you had an early copy somehow, your save game will technically work post update, but you will miss out on new content and experiences if you don’t delete your save before updating (should be obvious why from notes below),” Hello Games explained. “We highly recommend deleting your save if you have played before updating your game (we won’t do this in future, but it’s a day zero update).”

Additionally, the servers were wiped yesterday, and will be wiped again today ahead of launch on August 9 in North America and August 10 in Europe.



You can read the full list of patch notes over here, with a few highlights below:

  • The Three Paths – there are now new, unique “paths” you can follow throughout the game. You must start the game on a fresh save, with the patch, as early choices have significant impact on what you see later in the game, and the overall experience
  • The Universe – we changed the rules of the universe generation algorithm. Planets have moved. Environments have changed biomes. Galaxies have altered shape. All to create greater variety earlier. Galaxies are now up to 10x larger.
  • Space Combat – advanced techniques have been introduced, like brake drifting and critical hits. Bounty missions and larger battles now occur. Pirate frequency has been increased, as well as difficulty depending on your cargo.
  • Ship scanning – scanning for points of interest from your ship is now possible. Buildings generate earlier and show up in ship scans

In the next update, Hello Games will add the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters. Visual enhancements should also arrive in the future.

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