No Man’s Sky Dev Sean Murray Shoots Down Alleged PS4 Frame Rate Issues

Sean Murray, Managing Director at Hello Games, has addressed the rumored PS4 technical issues allegedly uncovered in No Man’s Sky.

Said to revolve around frame rate dips on Sony’s console, Murray was quizzed about the reports during an interview with YouTube channel JeuxVideo, where the programmer had the following to say:

“No, actually, the game is coming together really well. We’re making a crazy game on a crazy scale, and doing stuff that technically hasn’t been done before. And for us, unlike most games, where you can normally make just one level, make sure everything is perfect, and test every possible scenario… that’s not really possible with out game.

“But every game that I have ever worked on previously has had pretty solid framerate, and it’s something that we’ve kind of always been good at, really.”

In related news, a GDC 2016 presentation appeared to reveal that the hotly-anticipated space sim will indeed include dialogue trees, where your alien vocabulary will come into play in a major way. 

No Man’s Sky will descend on PlayStation 4 and PC come June 21. But will you be taking to the stars?

[Source: JeuxVideo (YouTube)]