Hello Games on No Man’s Sky: “You Can be Bored in This Game”

While they’ve probably already done so based on their gameplay videos and universe size, Hello Games’ Sean Murray told Develop that one of his goals with No Man’s Sky is to make AAA developers and publishers – including his previous employers, EA and Criterion – jealous of what such a small could accomplish with free reign.

Getting this ability to create the game they’ve wanted to make (No Man’s Sky was first brought up six years ago under the codename Project Skyscraper) wasn’t easy though, as it required them to first make Joe Danger:

Hopefully you can get a sense with No Man’s Sky, and what we’re trying to do is a culmination of ambition for us.

We pretty much made Joe Danger to give us the ability to make No Man’s Sky.

When it comes to No Man’s Sky, Murray does admit that there will be some boring moments since the game world is so vast:

We’re not trying to make Halo or Call of Duty. You can be bored in this game. It’s not going to be scripted. There will be space battles and dinosaurs, there’s a lot of fun to be had. But I had to do what I should do as a sci-fi explorer, I had to go out and find that, and that’s really interesting.

No Man’s Sky is expected to release in 2015, first on PlayStation 4.