Report: No Man’s Sky Off-Screen Image Points to Character Model, Dialogue Options

Hello Games’ gargantuan space sim No Man’s Sky will feature dialogue options when it touches down on PlayStation 4 later this year, according to a leaked image via NeoGAF. 

First spotted during the ongoing Game Developers Conference, the off-screen still appears to showcase the player interacting with an alien NPC, with the orange colored text highlighting which parts of said language you’ve added to your vocabulary.

Dialogue trees haven’t been officially announced by Hello Games just yet, but zoom in close enough on the image below (remember to click for higher resolution) and you’ll see individual options that include thanking the featured NPC, asking for help with the alien syntax, and more. 

All of this remains unconfirmed at the time of writing, so take this with a pinch of alien salt. 


No Man’s Sky makes a galactic beeline for PlayStation 4 on June 21. To whet your appetite, why not check in with our recent hands-on session and chat with Sean Murray?

[Source: NeoGAF]