Some Planets in No Man’s Sky Will Feature Wacky Weather, Others Might Have “Very Deep” and Explorable Oceans

Not only will players get the chance to walk on the surface of countless planets in No Man’s Sky, but they will also be able to explore those planets’ oceans and experience all sorts of wacky weather.

Answering some questions posed by fans, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray explained that “certain creatures” can be found by exploring oceans, although players should explore these areas cautiously, as deep oceans “are likely to be dangerous.”

Some seas can be very deep, yes, and they can get dark. Maybe you’ll find certain creatures down there, and other things besides – you’ll have a light on your suit that’ll help you see. But these places are likely to be dangerous. One of my favourite things, that never gets old for me, is that feeling when I find some underwater caves. There I am supposed to be testing the game, and suddenly I’m distracted 100 meters deep in a cave discovering new creatures and running out of air.

Murray also explained that different planets in No Man’s Sky will have different types of weather, and besides seeing normal things like snow or rainfall, players might also run into “toxic hazards,” “dust storms,” and more.

There are things like rain, dust storms, snow, blizzards, storms and a bunch of other things possible. There are also more alien weather types, effectively like radioactive and toxic hazards, and atmospheres made from different compositions to ours. This isn’t a simulation or just a tech demo though, we’re not trying to recreate every possible natural disaster!

Murray recently let fans know that the space exploration game doesn’t have a release date yet due to some uncontrollable events, meaning we might have to wait a little bit longer than what was originally planned to finally get our hands on No Man’s Sky.

[Source: IGN]