Latest No Man’s Sky Gameplay Demo Sheds Light on NPC Interactions, Alien Species

With little over two months to go until release, Hello Games has premiered the latest gameplay demo for No Man’s Sky, this time focusing on NPC interaction and general exploration. 

Hosted by PlayStation’s Anthony Carboni, the footage begins with Sean Murray of Hello Games showcasing alien artefacts, which will act as points of interest on each planet. There, players will be able to discover a handful of things, chief among them being new words to add to your growing alien vocabulary. 

Murray goes on to highlight the ways in which NPC interactions can change depending on player behaviour. Should you be on good terms with a particular race, for example, your standing with that species will bode well for trading perks and other bonuses.

About the midway point, Murray hands the DualShock 4 over to Carboni, who puts the No Man’s Sky wanted level to the test by going on something of a rampage. 

No Man’s Sky descends onto PlayStation 4 on June 21. But will you be exploring Hello Games’ sprawling universe? 

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