No Man’s Sky Is Out Today in North America for PS4, Here’s the Launch Trailer

Now available in North America for PlayStation 4, with Europe getting it tomorrow, No Man’s Sky received its launch trailer today, offering up another look at Hello Games’ “infinite procedural sci-fi-space-survival-sandbox” game.

Similar to what Sean Murray did in a recent interview, Sony listed seven things to do in your first five hours with No Man’s Sky. After first fixing up your ship and collecting essential elements, Online Content Producer Rhys Sutheran says you should meet the Sentinels:

An early mining expedition introduces me to the sinister, ever-present Sentinels – a galactic police force of sorts, who silently patrol each planet to ensure order is maintained. They hover around, scanning the area I’ve been mining to check I haven’t been greedy before focusing on me with a large, techno-cyclops eye.

Satisfied I’m not upsetting the galactic order (for now), they leave me alone. But it’s a chilling reminder that I’m being watched – and I certainly don’t feel ready to mess with them… yet.

Then, you should explore a planet, blast off into space, and upgrade your equipment. Sutheran suggests explorers add extra range to the Multi-Tool’s scanner to make new species discovery easier, traders should upgrade the mining beam, and fighters should add a Plasma Launcher or upgraded Photon Cannon to your ship.

The last thing Sutheran says you should do in your first five hours is cause some trouble:

If you find the eyes of the Sentinels on you to be intimidating, or the lure of plundering space freighters gets too much, it’s easy to start a fight. A warning though: early-game aggression is likely to be over pretty quickly and the chances of you coming out on top are slim.

With the right upgrades, you’ll stand more of a chance – at least against the first wave of Sentinels. Attaching a shotgun-esque attachment to my Multi-Tool let me take a few down, but revenge came swiftly as my wanted level increased, more Sentinels arrived and I was brought to justice. Equally, my attempts at interstellar piracy were short lived as Sentinel fighters were instantly scrambled in response to taking a shot at a cargo freighter.

Before starting your journey in No Man’s Sky, be sure to download the day one update.

[Source: PS Blog]