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Top 5 Most Overhyped Games

With No Man’s Sky finally being released on the PlayStation 4 today, and along with it, the tremendous amount of hype surrounding it, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle decided to take a look at the five top overhyped games. To make the list, the game must have been hyped (duh), been released on a PlayStation platform (even if it’s not exclusive).

Bear in mind that while the games listed below are deemed “overhyped,” some of them might have met the huge wave of expectations set upon them. Not saying they have, but “might,” since it depends on which gamer you ask. That said, there’s no denying the games included in the video rode the hype train, with some crashing, while the others managed to make appease those who were waiting for the games for a long time.

Agree with our top overhyped games list? What’s our top five overhyped games of all time? Share your list in the comments below.

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