10 Best Video Game Friendships

Video games are filled with memorable characters and the interactions between them can be just as special as the larger story being told. Romances are kindled, rivalries are settled and most importantly friendships are formed. Some of my favorite moments in gaming are just watching two friends interacting with each other, and there is no shortage of games that show the true beauty of friendship.

In fact, some of the best and most iconic friendships have happened on PlayStation systems with many even being exclusive to Sony’s consoles. These friendships range from fierce rivalries that are birthed by having the utmost respect for each other to odd couple arrangements where the two characters are so different that it just makes sense that they’d somehow get along. Here are the 10 best video game friendships.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best video game friendships. Each of these relationships has their own dynamics, and it has certainly been fun to watch them be formed over the years. That said, there are a lot of fantastic friendships in gaming, so some stellar ones were left off on the cutting room floor.

Let me know in the comments what video game friendship is your favorite and if they made the list!

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