No Man’s Sky Guide: What’s in the Center of the Universe?

No Man’s Sky players are quite familiar with hearing the main mission of the game: To reach the center of the universe. However, Sean Murray has said before that he’s unsure if anyone will ever get to the center, and if they managed to, it would take a significant amount of time.

But remember those early leaked copies last week? Yeah, those guys managed to beat the game and give players a look at what was in the center of the universe. Before you read any further, there will be spoilers containing what happens once players reach the center of the universe.

Final Warning: Spoilers for No Man’s Sky will follow

Well, it seems like the center of the universe is a portal leading to another galaxy. This new galaxy is said to act as the “Successor Galaxy” and seems to be similar to the previous galaxy. There is no confirmation whether or not this is the final build, but if it is, this is what players should expect to find.

Here’s RabidRetrospectGames with the footage:

What were you hoping to find in the center?