No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Make Money Very Quickly

While scavenging the vast universe of No Man’s Sky, you might come across some new equipment that you would like to purchase. However to do that you must earn some money. There are plenty of ways to get cash, but this guide will help structure a path to follow.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure to sell your junk. You don’t need to carry around all those minerals in your Exosuit and starship. A lot of times you will come across a trading vendor or space stations where you can sell and buy items. This is where you will sell unnecessary junk and in return, these minerals will bring in a lot of money especially if they’re rare like Emeril and Omegon.

You also will want to upgrade your suit to carry more minerals and whatnot. You upgrade your suit by exploring planets and finding drop pods. These drop pods are tower-like buildings that offer players to go inside and purchase an extra slot for holding minerals. You will have to dish out some money for the upgrade, but it will be worth it as you can make the money back with the extra slot.

And finally, you want to take advantage of your analysis visor. When exploring, you will be able to pull out your analysis visor, press L2 and find new creatures and aliens. Once you discover them, funds will automatically be directed to your wallet. This also goes for naming planets you visit. To do this you want to press the options button and press triangle on the worlds you visited and rename them. And once again the funds will get automatically directed to your wallet.