Rainbow Six Siege’s Daily Player Count Is Higher Now Than It’s Ever Been

In an image sent to IGN, Ubisoft has revealed that the daily player total for Rainbow Six Siege is “higher today than it was when we first shipped the game nine months ago.”

This is mostly thanks to last week’s Operation Skull Rain update, which helped the daily player count rise by 40% week-over-week, and by about 50% since launch in December 2015.

There will likely be a similar spike in October when the Japan-themed update launches.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft announced yesterday that they’ve begun banning players who have been detected by BattlEye, their cheater tracking software. The number of banned players is in the “thousands” and Ubisoft is “starting with several waves of players that have been identified by BattlEye since its integration.”

Did you return to Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Skull Rain launched last week?

[Source: Ubisoft Forums, IGN]