Titanfall 2 Single-Player Gameplay, Details Revealed by Respawn

With the “finishing touches” now being put on Titanfall 2 ahead of release on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Game Director Steve Fukuda went in-depth on the single-player campaign today.

Asking themselves what the relationship between a Pilot and a Titan is, and where they can go with that, Respawn has created a single-player campaign that’s a “carefully crafted, cinematic shooter experience, but with a different style of pacing than you might expect.” This means there will be a “wide range of intense battles” as a Pilot and as a Titan, as well as “opportunities for exploration and some quieter moments of contemplation.”

Playing as Militia rifleman Jack Cooper who forms a neuro-link with a BT-7274, Titanfall 2’s single-player is a standalone narrative experience. It isn’t designed to train you for multiplayer, but it will help you get acquainted with the game. “There are many moments in the campaign where you’ll have to use basic Pilot skills such as wall running and double-jumping, as well as other Pilot and Titan abilities,” Fukuda said.

He continued by talking about the setting and bond between Pilot and Titan:

A New World to Discover

One thing that surprised us after the release of the first Titanfall was just how much fans wanted to learn about the universe. This sentiment gave us an extra push to find ways of delivering lore across all parts of Titanfall 2. In single player, the citizen soldiers of the Militia continue their fight to retake the Frontier. Set against them are the occupying forces of the vast, Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Our story begins when the Militia deploys a small fleet to the planet Typhon, in support of a wider offensive push. But not everything on Typhon is as it seems, setting the stage for you and BT to journey through a hostile and strange, yet beautiful world.

The Bond Between Pilot and Titan

Titanfall 2 is about the bond between Jack and BT. That’s the essence of the story we want to tell. And when you think about it, every “buddy story” has a kind of back and forth between its leads. They have to be able to react to each other or there is no relationship. That’s why we provided players a few responses to choose from when talking to BT. While these dialogue options don’t change the outcome of the game, they give you a fun way to banter with BT by choosing the tone that best reflects your own personality.

Finally, Fukuda encourages players to be creative in battle. “Some players will want to take a more surgical shooter approach, while others will develop a free-flowing chaotic style, chaining together slides, wall runs, melee executions, and more, mixing it up at high speed,” he said. “Others will try a blend of techniques. The point is that all these interpretations are valid.”

If you’re interested in Titanfall 2’s multiplayer, it will be livestreamed on Twitch on August 16 during gamescom 2016.

Respawn also teased that all the details on the Multiplayer Tech Test will be revealed “very soon.”

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